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How to help a friend going through a separation Looking Sexy Dating

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How to help a friend going through a separation

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In it, she shares her journey of becoming a solo parent. Read her original post.

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But, hhelp, there it is. A lot. I literally could not have gotten through the last few months without the strength and support of friends and family who have sat with me, prayed with me, cried with me, listened to me and encouraged me.

What can we pray for today? I have also learned that the end of a marriage can feel a lot like a death has happened.

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And that can really hurt. Loneliness — being overwhelmed by our new aloneness — is pretty overwhelming.

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We are now facing the rest of our life without a partner and that can be pretty scary. The thing that helps us get through is the love of friends and family.

Good company, a good laugh over coffee or a glass of wine with a friend can re-energise our hurting hearts. It will mean the world, truly.

A night off cooking is a beautiful practical expression of love. It also means a lot to the kids to see people caring for their separatlon in a delicious home-baking way.

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It takes a whole lot of people supporting a newly-broken family to help us get through what is probably the worst fgiend of our lives. Being supported by a village of friends when your world has flipped upside down can make all the difference in how you come through it, I reckon. Sometimes family life is way more challenging than we had ever imagined.

We would like it to be a lot more enjoyable, if only we knew. Family coaching is designed to meet you where you are at, whatever stage frien are at on your parenting and heri latin journey.

We want to be on the journey with you. She covers a broad range of topics from dyslexia to DIYs, recipes to motherhood, and adventures to quirky kids.

Christian Gallen. Jo Batts.

Jenny Hale. Keryn Grogan. Sign up to receive regular parenting tips Hot Tips Events Dads Digest.

Topic Interests Babies Early Years Middle Years Tweens and Teens Frienc and Relationships. Know a friend going through a separation?

Book a session with a Family Coach Sometimes family life is way more challenging than we had ever imagined.

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