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For 48 years they have come--troops heading to the Korean War, hippies and housewives, Caribbean tourists in dreadlocks, even the occasional Hollywood star.

This week, however, that half-century of service came to an end. Friday, at 5: Greyhound, which has been closing terminals throughout the country in recent years, decided to vacate the squat brick building on 5th Street in Santa Monica because of low ridership, a company spokesman said.

For riders, that means the closest Greyhound station will now be in Downtown Los Angeles, 20 miles away. For Miles, 81, the closing means retirement--time to hang up her company-issue dark purple skirt, matching vest and white shirt.

It had a hollow look on its last day of service. GTE workers unscrewed pay phones from the walls.

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The different sexual orientation and vending machines had long since been removed, leaving only the dull-yellow linoleum floor, the orange plastic seats and the dingy brown walls.

They would travel. In the s, families were joined on the buses by soldiers preparing to fight in the Korean War.

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And we had a lot of Japanese people come over for tours. We would make hotel reservations and sightseeing tours for them all over the United States.

At one time, we had 64 buses a day and they just kept cutting the service. Nearest station is Los Angeles, East 7th Street.

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Mindful that they were scheduled to board a plane Friday for the Cook Islands, they wanted to know when their suitcases would. It single Santa Monica male no baggage to be a lot more lively.

After being laid off at the close of the war, she joined Greyhound Sahta a ticket seller, becoming station manager in There was, to be sure, the downside of bus station life--the dozens of break-ins, for instance, and Santq two times she was robbed.

In one robbery in the late s, a man brandishing a gun knocked her over and emptied the cash register. She yelled for help and police caught her assailant at a restaurant down the street. Summoned from her Santa Monica home late at night, she would go to the bus station and phone local charities to find the travelers a place to spend the night.

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For the past year, the Greyhound terminal has had only two full-time employees--Miles and Fausto Canal, a ticket seller. Canal, a three-year veteran of the Santa Monica depot, expects to be reassigned to another station in the Los Angeles area. Miles, however, has sold her last ticket.

She says she is planning a vacation, only her second in the past 48 years. About Us.

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The Bus Stopped Here: